The Monaco Gp circuit with the Singapore gp and today Baku are the only cizen track of the Formula one Championship.
Antony Noghès (September 1890-August 1978) was the founder of the Monaco Grand Prix. President of the Automobile club the Monaco and close friend of the Royal Grimaldi family, also helped create the Rallye de Monte-Carlo in 1911.
The first Monaco Grand Prix was inaugurated in 1929 on the circuit de Monaco and was won by William Grover-Williams in a Bugatti. The Monaco Gp track lenght 2.075 miles/3.340 km- 78 laps.
It’s considered as the most prestigious automobile race in the world. With the races of Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, it forms the Triple Crown of Motorsport.

-The triple Crown of Motorsport was an motorsport achievement, basically for a driver was winning the three most prestigious motor races in the world in one career. Graham Hill is the only driver to have won all the three events and achieved the Triple Crown.

Graham Hill was also known as “Mr.Monaco” due to his five Monaco Grand Prix wins in the 1960s with the BRM (british racing motors) and Lotus-Ford Cosworth.
Followed by Ayrton Senna who won the Monaco Gp race on the Mclaren-honda more than any other driver, with six victories; he won five times consecutively between 1989 and 1993. Michael Schumacher with the Benetton and later Ferrari won five times in Monaco; today Nico Rosberg won three times consecutively between 2013-2015.

Monaco Gp track :

Every year the race is held on May, the track with its tribunes are setup three weeks prior the event. The narrow streets of Monaco laid out many elevation changes and tight corner, as well as the tunnel. In spite of the low average speed, it’s a quite dangerous place to race and rare are the overtaking possibilities; it’s a race track that really test the skills of the formula one driver more than the formula one car.

The monaco grand prix track corners are famous all over the world:

– The starting grid is situated on monaco harbor port hercule on Boulevard Albert 1er, just next to the formula one monaco pit. Next to the starting grid is also setup the podium where the monaco formula one winners are awarded. It’s a fantastic racing viewing position on the balcony packages with close view of formulas one cars on low floor apartments and pamoramic view of track on higher monaco terraces.

-The Sainte devote corner is one of the overtaking possibilities of the monaco track, including spectacular accidents.

-The ascent to the casino is situated on Avenue d’Ostende just after Sainte Devote Corner.
Formula one cars accelerate all the way up to Massenet and pass in front of Beau Rivage building.

– Massenet, left corner that brings F1 cars on the casino square. Jules Massenet was a French Opera composer. The Corner is on the inside side of the Monaco Opera House.
Additionally it’s the corner where many luxury brand boutiques are located, such has Valentino, Gucci, Hermes, Prada.

– The Casino square corner is the most famous building in Monaco. Formula one cars pass just few meters from the casino entrance during the weekend. Additionally, formula one cars pass just in front of famous Hotel de Paris and Café de Paris.

– Mirabeau corner took the name from the famous hotel, Which today turned into a Residence

– the Fairmont Hairpin-
Most fans still call it the Loews hairpin from the neighbouring hotel; today it took the name of Fairmont hairpin as Fairmont hotel chain took management of hotel.
-it’s the world lowest speed corner, only 48km/h, it’s another overtaking possibility of the track but quite hard for the formula drivers as it’s very tight. From its hotel Fairmont, guest can watch the different races from their room or on the roof top of the building.

– Le Portier corner is just in front of the sea and before the entrance to the tunnel.
Ayrton Senna famously crashed at Portier whilst leading the 1988 Monaco Grand Prix handing victory to teammate Alain Prost

– the chicane: is the first corner after the tunnel exit.
It’s a critical point, as formula one driver at full speed after The tunnel have to brake hard.
On its perimeter super yacht are moored and that’s where monaco yacht packages take place – on chicane corner all the way through the quai kennedy which would correspond to zone one on the yacht berth position.

– the tabac corner, is a 155km/h left- hand turn into the first “S” of the Piscine.
It’s popular location for monaco-gp hospitality for the yacht packages as well as for grandstand tribune K.

– Louis Chiron:
It’s the corner just at entrance of the swimming pool complex. It took the name of Louis Alexandre Chiron, who was a Monegasque racing driver who competed in Grands Prix, rallies and other sport cars races. He was the oldest driver who have raced in Formula one, having taken the 6th place in the 1955 Monaco Gp when he was 55.

– The piscine:
The piscine “Swimming pool complex” has two chicanes: a fast one on the entrance and a slower one on the exit. It’s positioned at the centre of the Monaco Harbour overlooked by tribunes L, M, N, O, P. Many monaco-gp fans enjoy these locations for the spectacular views, the crowd, the presence of big screen.

– the rascasse:
it’s the world famous bar with fantastic atmosphere situated in the last corner of the monaco track, the corner that took the same name of the bar.
It s situated in a key position between formula one paddock and formula one pit lane.
At the end of piscine corner F1 cars slowly turn around the perimeter of the bar and access the pit or goes to the straight line.

-Anthony Noghès Corner
Tribute to the founder of The Monaco Grand Prix, it’s the last corner before the start/finish line, It took the name of the father of the Monaco Grand Prix since 1979. It’s a 80km/h right-hand turn for the formula one drivers, leading up to the start/finish line.
This corner which opposite the Pit lane entrance, is popular and appreciated by monaco formula one fans, overlooked by the small Tribune V, which has close views on drivers walking up from the F1 paddock, pre-race build up, the start, the end of the race.

It s the incourtournable track of the F1 for all what surround the event- the glamour, Stars, vip, celebrities come together during this special weekend in Monaco and attend many parties on private yacht, amberlounge, clubs.
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