About this space

Caravelles building is situated jut after the starting grid, it has a superb view on the harbor and especially “Sainte Devote” corner because it’s very close to the building, tunnel exit, chicane, tabac corner, piscine corner. Also generally visible according to the apartments floor the giant screen on avenue d’Ostende.

The space
Accommodates: 10 guests
Availability: 1 or 2 days
Floor: 3th
Staff: Hostess
Privatization: On demand
Accommodation: Extra : not included in the package


F1 qualifying session (Sat May 28th)

VIP Buffet: Included
Drinks: Soft drinks

F1 race (Sun May 29th)

VIP Buffet: Included
Drinks: Soft drinks and champagne

F1 arrangement
Part of the track visible: 30%
Track view: Starting line, Sainte Devote
Television: Yes

Cancellation: See the rules