About this space

The Panorama building has a main view on Sainte Devote corner. By being quite high, this terrace enjoy a great view on this corner, ascent to the casino, giant screen, chicane and return from tunnel. This terrace is ideal for a group of 15-20 guests.

The space
Accommodates: 20-22 guests
Availability: 1 to 3 days
Floor: 11th
Staff: Hostess
Privatization: On demand
Accommodation: On demand


F1 qualifying session (Sat May 28th)

VIP Buffet: On demand
Drinks: Soft drinks

F1 race (Sun May 29th)

VIP Buffet: Included
Drinks: Soft drinks and champagne

F1 arrangement
Part of the track visible: 35/40%
Track view: Sainte Devote Corner
View on the Big screen: Yes

Insurances: Protection of the apartment in case of damages
Cancellation: See the rules