About this space

Les Princes building is situated just after the Sainte Devote Corner, which is one of the overtaking possibilities in the circuit. You can enjoy a close view of the formula one cars, and also a view of the tabac corner and piscine.

The space
Accommodates: 10-12 guests
Availability: 1 to 3 days
Floor: 2th
Staff: Hostess
Privatization: On demand
Accommodation: Extra-not included in the package


F1 qualifying session (Sat May 28th)

VIP Buffet: Included
Drinks: Soft drinks

F1 race (Sun May 29th)

VIP Buffet: Included
Drinks: Soft drinks

F1 arrangement
Part of the track visible: 30%
Track view: Sainte Devote Corner, tabac corner
Television: Yes

Cancellation: See the rules